Shutter Fluorometer

Fully submersible chlorophyll fluorometer with automated dark-acclimation capability, ideal for quenching analysis.

Shutter Fluorometer

Fully submersible chlorophyll fluorometer with automated dark-acclimation capability, ideal for quenching analysis.

Classic Fluorometer

Light-weight chlorophyll fluorometer with light pipe extension, ideal for terrestrial plant studies


Chlorophyll fluorometer with automated dark-acclimation capability (Shutter) and Classic sensor.

Classic Fluorometer,

Submersible chlorophyll Fluorometer with wireless link to PC, suitable for constant immersion


Fully submersible metabolic measurement system for plants and animals; measures oxygen, PAR, pH, temp; UV-transparent chamber

Welcome to Aquation

Aquation Pty Ltd has designed and produced a range of chlorophyll fluorometers for the assessment of plant health.  Our instruments measure the modulated fluorescence of chlorophyll, often referred to as the PAM technique.  Our fluorescence products range from a simple and inexpensive netbook-operated Classic Fluorometer to our state-of-the-art fully submersible Shutter Fluorometer with multiple shuttered sensors for automated dark acclimation. While originally developed for underwater applications, Aquation fluorometers are equally effective in terrestrial environments.

Applications of Aquation fluorometers include the assessment of photosynthetic efficiency of plants or algae within both commercial and research contexts.

Aquation also designs and manufactures a range of Environmental Assessment and Water Quality Monitoring devices, including the Submersible Respirometer System, custom phytoplankton monitoring solutions, and automated water quality monitoring systems with telemetry for long-term unattended applications.


Environmental studies including responses to irradiance, and stress induced by heavy metals, salinity, pesticides and ocean acidification

Unicellular algae

Determining cell density and photosynthetic efficiency in culturing facilities, potable water supplies, and both marine and freshwater water bodies; also used to estimate the presence of blue-green algae

Broadacre crops

Wheat and cotton in situ comparison of cultivar performance; examination of heat stress and water stress responses


Environmental studies including responses to sedimentation, petrochemicals, dredging, reduced light availability


Research and environmental assessment addressing bleaching events, herbicide impacts and the effects of ocean acidification

Horticulture and Viticulture

Identification of optimal photosynthetic efficiency of commercial species exposed to water stress, elevated nutrients, unusual temperature regimes

Water Quality Monitoring

Solutions  for the measurement, logging and telemetry of salinity, temperature, pH, dissolved oxygen, turbidity, chlorophyll a, CDOM.  Aquation’s Water Quality Monitoring systems are variously mains-, battery- or solar-powered and in fixed or moving installations (e.g. ships of opportunity).

pH Sensing

Aquation recently developed a field-based pH monitor for ocean acidification studies; operating on battery power the device has low drift and requires infrequent calibration due to the stable optical measurement technique

Leaf Absorptance

Our Reflectance Absorptance Transmittance (or RAT) meter provides leaf absorptance properties using a simple method; values can be used in a range of different photosynthetic studies.