Classic Fluorometers

Aquation’s Classic Fluorometer series make chlorophyll a fluorescence measurements as simple as possible. These chlorophyll fluorescence systems measure the quantum yield of PSII photochemistry using the saturating pulse technique (PAM technique).  Both actinic and far red lights are included.  Users can develop their own custom programs.  They can also use preinstalled programs for Rapid Light Curves, Induction Curves and Recovery Curves.  Measurements and programs can be automatically repeated at regular intervals.

We are pleased to introduce the Bacteriochlorophyll Fluorescence Sensor, which is essentially a Classic Fluorescence Sensor designed to measure the fluorescence of bacteriochlorophyll a and b.  Operation of the sensor is the same as other chlorophyll a sensors as described above.

The rugged design and simplicity of these chlorophyll fluorometers makes them ideal for commercial, laboratory and teaching applications.

Aquation Classic Fluorometer Brochure 02Aug17


    • Fully waterproof sensor for field and wet-lab applications,
    • Powered from battery or mains (12-24V DC, 110-240 V AC),
    • Repeated measurements are possible when attached to PC or datalogger,
    • Easy-to-use software with an uncluttered interface,
    • Extensive programmable capacity in software for beginners to advanced users,
    • Portable unit is ideal for field work (netbook recommended!),
    • Sensors available as standalone with ethernet or SDI-12 communication


    The Classic Fluorometer can connect to a computer or controller in various ways:

      • a direct connection via a USB cable,
      • a wireless radio link (2.4 GHz),
      • an ethernet connection,
      • via cable using SDI-12 (for controlled systems e.g. SCADA).

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     Wireless Classic Fluorometer. From left: interface box connected to laptop, laptop, sensor, power supply, wireless interface connected to sensor.

    From left, clockwise: Classic Fluorometer, Wireless Standard 3 m sensor; (older) Interface box with wireless transceiver for computer; Screenshot of AquationDirect software.


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