Lake Fyans Monitoring

Lake Fyans monitoring station

Lake Fyans is a potable water supply servicing southwestern Victoria.

Aquation provided a chlorophyll-a and cyanobacteria monitoring system to Victoria University for their project with GWMWater, Horsham.  The system monitored chlorophyll-a fluorescence, cyanobacteria fluorescence and water temperature at regular intervals, and sent the data back to a server for later examination via a 3G telemetry system.  Data was also stored in the on-site Portable Datalogger.  Algae sensors were automatically cleaned daily with a custom built wiper designed to clean sensor windows on command.  The system featured a “tunnel’ through which the user could suspend measurements, download data from the Portable Datalogger, and modify program parameters including frequency of measurement.  This was achieved over the mobile phone network, and is a good example of the benefits of Aquation’s telemetered water quality monitoring systems.

Aquation Lake Fyans Algal Monitoring