Submersible Datalogger

Aquation offers fully Submersible Dataloggers for water, plant health and environmental testing applications. While Aquation Submersible Dataloggers are specifically configured to communicate directly with Aquation sensors, they can also be reconfigured for custom applications where other sensors are required. Examples could include longterm unattended monitoring of temperature, humidity, irradiance, water quality parameters and even images. A significant advantage of the Submersible Datalogger is it’s capacity to withstand harsh treatment, including being buried or submerged for extended periods.

An optional telemetry system is available that can be used to transmit data to and from the user. This option requires the use of an external power supply such as a small solar panel, or battery cannister with multiple battery packs (see below).

Features of the Submersible Datalogger:

  • Built in Stainless Steel (316) for strength and corrosion resistance
  • Communication with up to nine sensors (can be configured for other sensors)
  • Submersible to 50 m depth
  • 2GB+ memory (expandable to 64GB )
  • All data records are time-date stamped
  • Quick change rechargeable NiMH battery pack
  • Low power consumption – can operate for days to months (dependent on duty cycle)
  • Double battery pack available for extended deployments or multichannel use
  • Window with LCD screen and tricolour LEDs for user feedback during operation
  • Simple, fully flexible software making programming easy



  • Fully waterproof and rugged design for diving
  • Easy to use switch initiates program underwater
  • Multichannel – can log input from up to 9 channels
  • Battery powered (larger housing and battery pack available for extended deployments)
  • Easy-to-use software with an uncluttered interface
  • Extensive programmable capacity in software for advanced users

Submersible Datalogger with single battery pack. Note faceplate with one active and two blanked-off communication ports, power switch and viewport for access to LCD readout.

Submersible Datalogger with three channels and double battery pack. Designed to operate up to three Aquation Sensors (or other off-the-shelf or custom sensors as required).

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