OptoLeaf is a film that measures the integrated amount of solar radiation/light quanta over intervals from 1 day to 3 weeks.  The film enables measurements at places where a conventional pyranometer cannot measure.  Multiple strips can be placed on a single sample at various orientations. See Optoleaf Brochure Page 1 and Optoleaf Brochure Page 2.

OptoLeaf Tape


  • small and light because it is a film
  • placeable anywhere, even underwater
  • convenient for simultaneous multi-point measurements as it can be prepared in large numbers
  • measures both the amount of light quanta and solar radiation
  • cut film to size required, so is low cost



  • measurement of solar radiation at locations on and within the canopy of a crop or row of plants
  • measurement of solar radiation at plant leaf surfaces at various orientations to the sun
  • measurement of solar radiation in greenhouse (a calibration curve is required for applications in greenhouses)
  • measurement of solar radiation within a seagrass meadow


OptoLeaf Reader with two tape sections


OptoLeaf Tape on plant

Papers describing the use of OptoLeaf:


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