Classic Fluorometer, USB Benchtop

Download: Classic Fluorometer USB Benchtop Brochure


  • Chlorophyll fluorometer for plant physiology and chlorophyll content studies
  • Fluorescence sensor designed to sit upright on a flat surface for ease of use
  • Measures variable fluorescence of photosystem II
  • Returns Fo, Fm and Fv/Fm values
  • Calculates relative chlorophyll index that correlates with chlorophyll concentration
  • Measures temperature in sensor
  • Flexible and uncluttered software is easy to use
  • User manual and software supplied
  • USB connection to PC

Classic Fluorometer, USB Benchtop: Fluorescence Sensor


  • Fully waterproof for field and wet-lab applications,
  • Convenient flat base for use on flat surfaces,
  • Powered from battery or mains,
  • Repeated measurements are possible when attached to PC or datalogger,
  • Easy-to-use software with an uncluttered interface,
  • Extensive programmable capacity in software for advanced users,
  • Portable unit is ideal for field work (netbook recommended!).

The Classic Fluorometer USB Benchtop is designed for use on a flat surface, and can also be used in the field.  The water resistant design enables convenient measurement of wet material including aquatic plants, algae and wet leaves. The small size of the fluorometer (1.8″diameter, 2.4″ long), and its 12-24V capability makes it easy to use in the field. On commencing measurements, one establishes a suitable gain setting with a sample leaf and a zero offset value in air or water. Chlorophyll-containing samples are then simply placed over the sampling window for single or repeated measurments.  An optional clear light pipe extension enables measurement of samples 0.5m from the sensor; this is particularly useful for long term measurements where shading of the sample must be avoided.  The Classic Fluorometer USB Benchtop is designed to be operated from a PC (Windows XP and later) via a standard USB cable.  Both the power supply and computer are connected to the interface enclosure. A water resistant cable runs from this enclosure to the fluorescence sensor. All items are contained in a lightweight carry case that is small enough to fit in a shoulder bag.

AquationDirect is the proprietary software used to communicate with the fluorometer.  The simple uncluttered approach hides features when they are not required, providing a more enjoyable user experience.  There are three levels of control. “Profile” defines settings for each measurement (measuring light intensity, saturating pulse intensity etc.).  “Program” defines a sequence of yield measurements, actinic treatments and far-red light treatments.  The intensity and duration of each light can be defined.  A Light Curve and Recovery Curve generator provides flexible generation of curves with user defined actinic intensities and durations.  Even reverse light curves can be defined if required. “Schedule” simply schedules a series of Programs, where one may wish to run different programs during the early morning program, midday, afternoon and night time.


  • Unit of measure: relative fluorescence units
  • Range: 0-4000
  • Automatic ranging and autozero functions
  • Relative chlorophyll index (function of gain and Fo)
  • Temperature in ºC
  • Light sources: 470nm LED (excitation), white (saturation and actinic), 735 nm (far red)
  • Sensor housing: acetal, stainless steel 316 
  • Interface enclosure: strengthened aluminium 
  • Maximum immersion depth of sensor: 3m/10ft depth 
  • Weight: Sensor and cable 250g/8.8oz 
  • Dimensions: Interface 5″x2.5″x1.2″; Sensor 1.8″diameter, 2.4″ long 
  • Voltage: 110-240V 50-60Hz, 12-24VDC 

Download the PDF:

Aquation Classic Fluorometer USB Benchtop Brochure 29Aug13

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