New Submersible Respirometer


Aquation has recently released a prototype version of its new Submersible Photosynthesis-Respiration System.  This system measures the rate of production or consumption of oxygen in a submerged chamber, which provides a good proxy for photosynthesis and respiration rates.  The System is only designed to operate two chambers, and is therefore easy to carry, setup and deploy.  No more lugging the old-style heavy respirometer around, with the inherent health and safety issues.  For more chambers, simply add one or more extra 2-chamber modules.


  • fully submersible, 24 + hours operation
  • measures dissolved oxygen, temperature, PAR, chlorophyll fluorescence, pH
  • chambers in UV-transparent plastic; stainless steel cutter plates
  • additional Power Tube for stir- and flush-pumps

The Submersible Photosynthesis-Respiration System is controlled by a Submersible Datalogger, which can also be used with the Aquation Fluorometer Sensors.  For those already using the Submersible Dataloggers, this new respirometer would be a nice addition to your toolkit.  For those without a Submersible Datalogger, acquiring the Submersible Photosynthesis-Respiration System will mean you can also operate one or more Aquation Shutter Fluorometer Sensors, and the Aquation Classic Fluorescence Submersible Sensor, 50 m.

Product Brochure: Aquation Respirometer 02Feb13