Light Sensors


Aquation was recently asked to design and build some submersible spherical PAR sensors, suitable for use in photobioreactor systems.  After much trial and testing we came up with a design that satisfies our design requirements: the sensor is waterproof, able to withstand relatively high temperatures, immersion for several days with vigorous bubbling, and demonstrates a fairly uniform signal when provided irradiance from all angles (with the unavoidable drop in intensity directly below the sensor where the cables protrude).  The sensors have been connected to a land-based logger and controller system that connects to the local WiFi system, enabling the user to login to the system and interrogate the sensors in real-time.

We will be modifying and improving the system over time, and aim to modify the sensors so they can be operated from any Aquation Submersible Datalogger.  Then, one could potentially operate several Shutter and/or Submersible Classic Sensors from a single Aquation Submersible Data logger, and also operate several spherical PAR sensors to measure underwater light intensity.

We have nicknamed the sensors after the OOD.

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