Our Values

At Aquation we value

  • honestry
  • integrity
  • quality
  • service
  • reliability
  • long service life

Our Brand

At Aquation, we believe in knowing more about the natural world.  As humanities’ global footprint increases, so too does our impact on the environment.  Some of these impacts have long term damaging effects.  Aquation strives to provide you with the best tools available to better understand these impacts.  Only from understanding how the natural world responds to our actions can we effect change for good.  And only by measuring and observing can we truly understand our impacts now and in the future.

Aquation has been designing and building tools for measuring the natural world for over a decade.  We started with chlorophyll fluorometers measuring Antarctic seaweeds and how they respond to light and pollution.  As regular dives in Antarctic waters are hard, we built an autonomous multichannel fluorometer that described changes in photosynthetic activity over 24 hour periods, without the need for a diver to be present for every measurement.  We discovered an unexpected midday depression in photosynthetic efficiency – and this was under the sea-ice where midday light is dim. This told us these macroalgae are unusually sensitive to light.

Building on the success of this we upgraded the multichannel fluorometer to include a self-closing shutter designed to automatically dark-acclimate leaves.  This enabled us to conduct light response curves and more detailed physiological measurements over the entire course of a day and night, again without needing a diver to conduct the measurements.  Since then our capability for measuring the environment both underwater and above the water has expanded to include field respirometers, a variety of chlorophyll fluorometers, light sensors and an autonomous pH monitor, to name a few.

Our motivation then and now has been to make the measurements that make a difference.  The difference between what is already known (or believed) and what is not yet known.  New discoveries can still be made using standard techniques that have been around for years.  And some discoveries cannot yet be made until the right measuring tools are available.  Aquation aims to bridge that gap – if the tools to make the measurements are not available, we build them.  We don’t reinvent the wheel, we use what is available and build on that if needed.

From our early days to now, Aquation has travelled the road of scientific pursuit of knowledge.  Let us help you make measurements that make a difference, let us help you make your data count.